v1.2 (13/06/2002) :
Removed a major bug that could make Socks via HTTP Client to hang
Removed some bugs in the Socks4 & Socks5 handlers
New communication method between Client & Server (without serializing objects -> use less traffic)
CRC check on the packets
New HTTP traffic minimize method (more accurate)
Aliases can be defined on the servlet names (http://www.yourserver.com/servlet/socksviahttp.server.admin.ServletAdmin -> http://www.yourserver.com/svha)
JHttpServer can now preload servlets on startup
Removed a bug with the old-school authentication method on the administration console
The version check on Socks via HTTP Client startup has been removed (it was too slow)
New logging system (with log queues)
More logs on the server
Possibility to fill a list of servers in the client properties file (the client will use the first available one on runtime)
Parameters chosen by the client : on the fly compression, on the fly encryption
Code prepared to support the Socks BIND command
Code prepared to support the proxies CONNECT method

v1.0.1 (06/05/2002) :
Corrected some minor bugs on the client
Add an old-school authentication method to allow access to the administration console when using JRun 2.3 as servlet engine
Better logging on the client part
Added an application launcher for Windows (trayicon)

v1.0 (05/05/2002) :
Code cleaned (more "object")
JDK 1.4 full compatibility (proxy support for example)
New logging system (console & logfile)
A bug has been removed in the Socks4a handler
Protocol Socks 5 now supported
No more GUI (X11 is no more needed on Unix)
Added some options to use less http traffic (for people having a limited traffic)
The client now checks the server version compatibility on startup
Direct tunneling supported (you can create tunnel between a local port and a remote computer without using socks). Useful for VNC (No more SocksCap!!)
A spy mode is now available to track the data transferred (on the client & on the server)
And many other little improvements...

v0.40 (06/11/2001) :
Protocol Socks 4a now supported (add DNS resolution to Socks 4).
*ICQ* is working again with this version.
The GUI now gives more informations on errors.
Corrected some minor bugs.

v0.30 (04/11/2001) :
The source code is now commented in english.
Socks via HTTP is provided as a "standalone" application (you don't need a servlet engine anymore).
(Actually Socks via HTTP is provided with a light preconfigured version of JHttpServer).
You can now specify a maximum time for a connection per user.
Corrected some minor bugs.

v0.20 (18/02/2001) :
The source code is now commented.
Socks via HTTP is now open source.

v0.19 (28/01/2001) :
This version corrects many bugs of version 0.18.
Packets between client and server are now zipped on the fly (average speed * 2).
Server connection timeout is now configurable on the client.

v0.18 (23/01/2001) :
Users are now authenticated.
Configuration of user rights are made in the initsrv.properties file.
At connection creation, the login and password are checked, and an ip check is performed.
The server logs are now redirected in the socks.log file (instead of stdout.log).

v0.16 (22/01/2001) :
The ServletAdmin is now secured with a password.
The administrator can now kick users/connections.
Server unused connections now have a timeout and are automatically properly terminated by the server.

v0.15 (21/01/2001) :
The ServletAdmin gives now more informations (connection speed).
Rewrote the Connection object and the Thread of communication (I now use Buffered Streams) -> speed improvement (speed * 23 on heavy transfer).

v0.14 (17/01/2001) :
Windows version improved.
The ServletAdmin gives now more informations.
New proxy authentication method.
The connection to the ServletSocks is now secured with a password.
The Socks Server now produce a log file.

v0.13 (16/01/2001) :
Windows version released.
A ServletAdmin has been added (Simple HTML reporting console).
Improved the GUI (one more time).
Some new options.
New proxy authentication method.

v0.12 (15/01/2001) :
Improved the GUI.
Some new options.
Initialization parameters are now read from a property file.
Proxies with authentification seems to fail. Who can test it ?

v0.11 (14/01/2001) :
Added a GUI.
Now supports proxies with authentication.

v0.1 (12/01/2001) :
First release.
Partially supports Socks v4 protocol (CONNECT, but not BIND).
Successfully tested with mIRC, CuteFTP, FlashFXP, CRT, Napster.